Coaching for personal growth, team development and organisational learning

Drawing on my own experience in strategic leadership and delivering transformational change, to support your professional development.

Coaching and change management

My expertise, knowledge and consistent openness to new and different ideas which challenge my own thinking have brought me to a place where I can support others in their development.

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Helping you gain insights, challenge your thinking, consider your own priorities and make tangible progress both personally and professionally during the period of the coaching relationship.

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Delivering Change

When you understand the reactions and responses to organisational change, you can determine the best interventions and approaches to help your people embrace, cope with, or deliver changes.

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Team Development

Organisations often need help to build confidence and resilience in their staff and managers; my supportive and empathetic approach challenges you to ask difficult questions of yourselves.

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About Tracy

I am an accredited and experienced leadership coach and mentor, who helps clients to grow and develop.

Throughout years of practical leadership experience in a range of public sector organisations, I have developed a deep understanding and
appreciation of the challenges and responsibilities facing senior leaders, and those who aspire to senior roles.

I love helping my clients achieve a new perspective. I draw on my own experience, and my coaching and change management tools and techniques to help people find ways to look at things differently. New insights bring growth and confidence which is so rewarding to see as my clients focus on achieving their personal and professional goals.

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If you would like more information about my services or a confidential chat about how I can help, please complete the short form provided. Alternatively, please feel free to get in touch with me using the contact details provided below:

07795 067049

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Powerful, supportive and effective interventions from a skilled helper to accelerate your personal growth and learning, releasing your potential for change.

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Developing high performing teams, by balancing your focus on individual, team and organisational outcomes and enhancing your sense of common endeavour.

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Senior leaders

Stimulating and provoking new ideas and approaches, providing time and space to think, enabling your own leadership experience and instincts to flourish.

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Leadership and learning are indispensable to each otherClose Quote

– John F. Kennedy