Delivering Change

When ‘communication’ is not enough.

Annual statistics published by the Health and Safety Executive on work related stress, depression and anxiety provide a startling assessment of the impact upon the workforce of Great Britain, with 54% of working days lost in 2018/19 reported, through the Labour Force Survey, as being caused by those mental health related illnesses.  The reasons cited as the causes of stress, depression and anxiety involve workload, lack of managerial support and organisational change as the primary causative factors.

As a leader of organisational change, you will have a significantly greater chance of taking people with you, reducing ill health and staff attrition if you too, understand the impact on your people and how different people respond to the idea of making a transition to new ways of doing things. When you understand the reactions and responses, you can determine the best interventions and approaches to help your people embrace, cope with, or deliver changes.

This can be a challenge for leadership teams, when there are so many competing priorities and so much to do. You want to engage your teams, but this requires a relentless focus, and I can help. My four step change management process works in any size of organisational change, when success relies on achieving the support of your staff, and others affected by, or with influence upon delivery of, the planned changes.

How does it work?

Resilience to cope with and embrace change is vital to protect and develop your most precious asset, your people.  I develop bespoke training events and masterclasses tailored to your context, to address the training needs of your organisation in this regard.

Through years of experience in leading, managing and researching change in complex organisations, I have developed a methodology which is scalable and adaptable to any organisational change.  ‘Thoughtful Change Leadership’©  is an approach which ensures that those responsible for the successful implementation of change, can achieve the desired outcomes and benefits.

Whether you are delivering a complex multi-million pound programme, reorganising your team, or implementing new ways of working (e.g. IT systems), my change management process is tailored to your needs to support you to succeed in delivering your benefits, outcomes or objectives. I will work in partnership with you, your OD, HR, or Project Teams to help implement the interventions I recommend as a result of my diagnostic inquiry with your stakeholders.

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