Most leaders of change have studied John Kotter, and his eight step process for leading change.
Here is the link to the work of the Great Man himself.

However, since my early days of study and research into leading and managing change, experience has shown that formulae such as these, if not clearly understood and used in a well informed way, are quoted and referenced as models to be applied and boxes to be ticked.

The evolution of the psychology of organisational development and change from the early path finding works of Lewin, Deming, Beckhard and others to the models of the 90’s (Kotter, Kanter and Handy), and then into the ‘trademarks’ era of the 21st Century (Procsci, ACMP, CMI) has helped to inform and guide generations of leaders in delivering significant change.

While respected and valued, the time cost and effort required to build the professional knowledge and competence in these models and approaches is often beyond the capacity of the leaders and organisation with whom I work.

What they all have in common, is a desire to show they care about and value their people. What is also common, is that in the context of fundamental change, employees feel undervalued, stressed, anxious and often disempowered.

My eight step model towards ‘Thoughtful Change Leadership’ is a tried and tested method of ensuring leaders of significant change engage their people in a meaningful way, helping staff to engage, contribute, and commit to playing their part in the success of the new arrangements.

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