My NHS clients (both clinicians and managers) are in the highest possible state of critical incident management. This is not a time for hanging around, taking time to reflect, or focusing on anything other than staying alive, and keeping others alive.

Senior leaders in other spheres are grappling with supporting their teams while they too try and balance the needs of their loved ones with the needs of their work. Some are facing the dire circumstances of no work for themselves or their staff.

Never had Maslow’s hierarchy of need or the Kubler-Ross change curve been so apposite.

We are learning so much about ourselves, each other, our communities, our world. When we are at the other side of this, and have taken time to recover and readjust, it will be important to reflect then.

Time to understand what we did, how we did it, how we reacted, how our behaviours affected others, when were we at our best, when were we at our worst.

From tragedy, despair, disruption and disorientation, we will learn so much.

How we found new ways to ‘be’. How we communicated with each other. How we led our teams. How we made sense of the world. How we valued so many things that were previously just in the background or not even on our radar. How lives were saved. How generosity of spirit became so prominent.

I look forward to the new normal. To experiencing new ways of doing things and helping my clients to bring the best of these difficult times to the fore, to learn and grow together.