Team Development

“Enhancing team performance through developing team cohesion and shared problem solving”

Organisations often need help to build confidence and resilience in their staff and managers to continue to perform and deliver in ever changing and turbulent environments. Staff and managers at all levels need to develop the skills and tools to urgently address these challenges.

To become and remain a high performing team, finding time to reflect and learn together is vital. Team coaching is not rocket science! Often it is just about finding time to clear away the ‘busy-ness’ of the day to day and spend time together achieving clarity and coherence about your priorities.  Team coaching is a highly effective tool in the context of significant organisational change, where uncertainty brings it’s own challenges.

How does it work?

My supportive and empathetic team coaching approach challenges you to ask different and sometimes difficult questions of yourselves. Stretching yourselves and understanding the value of each player in your team to give the whole team a stronger sense of common endeavour is how skilful coaching can generate a step change in your performance.

I also help teams with culture mapping and culture change.  What kind of team do you want to be part of? Is there a gap between the current culture and values, and those to which you aspire? How will you achieve a step change? I can help.

Teams I work with report a surprisingly rapid development of a shared understanding of how to balance task against relationships and processes. All areas of potential conflict and stress.

If you are a newly formed team, a team going through transformational change, a team that has been together a long time and want to reinvigorate your performance, maybe things are just not working well at the moment, or you are a team that is forging ahead with new things and need to make a plan, a series of team coaching events can be powerful, and deliver results.

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